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Top 5 Digital Currencies And Their Market Opportunities

Cryptocurrency platforms are websites where you can exchange, sell, or buy cryptocurrencies for traditional currency like Euro or US dollars or other digital currency. You can find platforms for the occasional trader that allow you to use them without requiring an account, as well as some platforms for professional traders that will likely ask you to open an account and verify your ID.

Types Of Cryptocurrency Platforms

Trading Platforms – websites that are taking a fee from each transaction and where sellers can connect with buyers.
Direct Trading – platforms allowing direct trading person to person.
Brokers – websites where anyone can buy cryptocurrencies.
What to look out for

Before choosing a cryptocurrency platform it is recommended to check the following factors:

• Reputation
• Fees
• Payment Methods
• Verification Requirements
• Geographical Restrictions
• Exchange Rate

The Most Popular Cryptocurrency Platforms


The Bitcoin cryptocurrency platform is the most popular and among the first on the market. Being a well established platform, buying Bitcoin is safe and hassle free. Another advantage of the Bitcoin digital currency is the fact that its rate is climbing up fast.

That means investors in this cryptocurrency have already enjoyed big profits. In order to participate to the bitcoin exchange you only need to register to a platform such as CoinSecure or Bitxoxo, fill in personal details as name, mobile number, card and bank details. Once your personal data is verified, you can exchange the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.


Kraken has been founded back in 2011 and since then it grew to become the largest Bitcoin exchange in liquidity and euro volume. Kraken is also a partner in the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency bank. The exchange platform allows users to trade between bitcoins and US Dollars, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Japanese Yen, and Euros as well as to buy and sell bitcoins.

Kraken also allows its users to trade other digital currencies than Bitcoin, like Augur REP tokens, Monero, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, ICONOMI, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Stellar/Lumens, and Ripple. Kraken provides a host of other trading features for more experienced users, including margin trading. All these features make from Kraken a great choice of cryptocurrency platform for more experienced traders. Among its advantages are included minimal deposit fees, low transaction fees, decent exchange rates, good reputation, feature rich, secure, good user support, and supported worldwide.


An innovative Indian startup cryptocurrency platform in the Bitcoin arena called Zebpay comes with an easy and simple to use bitcoin wallet. All you need in order to use it is a pin an your mobile number. The wallet app comes with many extra features designed to make the user experience enjoyable and rewarding. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Users are able to easily buy bitcoin with debit card and get access to discount vouchers. Zebpay has become a player in the bitcoins exchange field since its early days since its launch in 2011. In the year 2012, the platform started India’s first bitcoin exchange. They guarantee the best bitcoin rates and fast transaction processing.


Bitxoxo is the fastest bitcoin exchange platform in India. They have secured this status by thriving on several features that are first in the industry. Through its unique chat support for users, the cryptocurrency platform provides a distinctive customer service that allows it to operate on a 24X7 basis, like non-other.

Apart of that, its users can also receive customer support via emails and phone calls. Adding to the fact that its customer service is one of the best in the industry, Bitxoxo is the only bitcoin exchange platform that allows using IMPS for payment and withdrawals. This way, its customers can instantly receive payments in their account, even during the holidays and outside of the regular banking hours.


Ethereum is a cryptocurrency rival to bitcoin. Due to the fact that it has rallied over 2,700 percent this year, this digital currency could make an interesting investment option. But there are also risks associated to such a rapid rise in its rate, according to market experts.

For instance, according to one analyst, Ethereum could be due for a correction of 38 percent. However, investors interested in alternatives to bitcoin still see Ethereum as a good choice. One reason for their trust is the fact that this cryptocurrency has been backed by major corporations and financial institutions.

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